The Sprite Stitch Forums have a few different file types that most of the members use. Here is a list of the most common ones and the programs and links you need in order to view them.

  • .pat - A PC Stitch file. In order to view this file, you need either a copy of PC Stitch or the PC Stitch viewer which you can get from the website here: Probably the best cross stitch program currently on the market, but does cost money for the full version.
  • .sth - A KG Chart file. For this file you need a copy of KG Chart, from this website: A free cross stitch pattern maker, but a pay version is also available with a few extra features. A good program to learn to use when beginning to make patterns. Imported pictures tend to skew darker when imported, so take that into consideration when importing picture files.
  • PDF - For this you need a copy of Adobe Reader (it's free) or a pdf plug-in for your internet browser. Consider making a pdf of your pattern as it is considered a "universal" format and helps a lot of people who might not have your particular pattern program.
  • .xsd - A Hobbyware pattern maker file. ( Not commonly used on the forums. Please also submit a PDF of the pattern.
  • image - Quite simply a picture of the pattern. Not commonly posted anymore unless it is a very simple pattern. Generally a picture of the pattern is posted along with the pattern file, a list of colors, and a pdf.