Sprite Stitch Wiki


Welcome to the new Pattern Wiki for Sprite Stitch. The goal for this wiki is to maintain an index of all cross stitch patterns posted in the Sprite Stitch Forum.

How To Use This Wiki

Start exploring the patterns available through our Pattern Tree, or use the search bar at the top of the page if you are looking for something specific!

Once you find a pattern you want, follow the link (title of the pattern) to the Sprite Stitch Forum where the pattern was posted, and you can download the pattern in the formats available on that thread.

Summary of pattern types:

  • .pdf - Can view with Adobe Reader, free for Mac and PC.
  • .sth - KG-Chart pattern software for PC, full version available for purchase, light version no longer supported but .zip available for download here
  • .pat - PCStitch pattern software for PC, available for purchase; free file viewer available
  • image - Various file types; image of the pattern was included in the original post


The previous Pattern Wiki was located on [Wikispaces], but was shut down on September 16, 2014 when Wikispaces removed the unpaid option for non-educational pages.

This wiki was created on March 7, 2015.

Current Wiki Progress

  • Creating a template - Created a template for pattern pages. See: How To Post A Pattern
  • Category Tree - Working on defining a Category Tree structure to fit future pattern pages into for organization and ease of finding patterns
  • Unlocking Achievements - Turned on badges for unlocking wiki achievements!
  • Determining Features - I have disabled the Blog and Forum settings for this wiki, since the Sprite Stitch Blog and Forum should be the focus. I have left commenting enabled on pages; we can see from future usage if we want to keep this feature enabled. The chat is also currently disabled, but I can turn it on if we think it would be useful.
  • Import old Wiki - I received backups of the old Wiki from Servotron. Unfortunately, there isn't an automated way of importing these that will work well, so I'm working on creating the pages manually. See the list of old pages if you want to help import them!
  • Plan of attack - After the initial bulk load of former wiki pages, I would like to define how to go about indexing the patterns on Sprite Stitch, since we are woefully behind. Do we want to start at the oldest and work forward? It may be easiest to maintain a clear line of what is done vs. not done this way. QueenBex has offered to help get a checklist going; import of the list from the old wiki is here. If you're interested in helping, feel free to post on the new pattern wiki thread. Thanks!